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[色] red, blue, green, yellow, black, white, pink, orange, purple, gold, silver, bronze,

※What’s your favorite color?(好きな色は何?)

[感情] hungry/tired/cold/sad etc.

※Are you ~?(あなたは〜ですか?)

[月]January, February, March etc.

※When is your birthday?(誕生日は?)

[好きな物]What’s your favourite … ?(好きな〜は何?) movie(映画), sport(スポーツ), cartoon(アニメ), video game(ゲーム), pet(ペット), food(食べ物), comic book(漫画), TV show(テレビ).・

《動詞》 jump(跳ぶ), run(走る), hide(隠れる), cook(料理する), stretch(引き伸す), climb(登る), swim(泳ぐ), fly(飛ぶ), play(弾く)and more.

《形容詞》 hot(暑い), cold(寒い), new(新しい), good(良い), bad(悪い), high(高い), low(低い), fast(早い), slow(ゆっくり),  bigger(より大きく)  ,  smaller(より小さく)  ,  faster(より速く)  ,  slower(より遅く)  ,

※Is it ~?→It’s (not).


・What do you want to be?→I want to be a~.

・Can you ~?→I can~.

・What’s your favorite~?→My favorite ~is ~.

・What sports do you play?→I play ~.



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♫What’s your favorite color?


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