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《Topic words①》→ wizard(魔法使い), witch(魔女), ghost(おばけ), mummy(ミイラ), bat(こうもり), broom(ほうき), wand(魔法の杖), vampire(吸血鬼) , astronaut (宇宙飛行士), angel(天使), soccer player(サッカー選手),Goblin(邪悪な精霊)etc

※There is a〜./There are 〜.

《Topic words②》→kitchen(台所), living room(居間), bathroom(風呂場), bedroom(寝室), dining room(食堂), garage(ガレージ), attic(屋根裏部屋), garden(庭)

Where is a baby monkey?→He is in the 〜.

《Topic words③》→red(赤), blue(青), black(黒), white(白), grey(灰色), brown(茶色), pink(ピンク), green(緑)

♦︎《Topic words④》 Sunday(日曜), Monday(月曜), Tuesday(火曜), Wednesday(水曜), Thursday(木曜), Friday(金曜), Saturday(土曜), today(日曜), yesterday(昨日), tomorrow(明日),in the morning(朝に),in the afternoon(午後に),in the evening(夕方に)

※What day is it today? →(今日は何曜日?)/ What day was it  yesterday?(昨日は何曜日?)

♦《Topic words⑤》 curtain(カーテン)carpet(カーペット) table(テーブル) sofa(ソファ) bookshelf(本棚) closet(押入れ) wall(壁) floor (床)ceiling(天井) towel(タオル) window(窓)door (ドア)light(照明)electrical outlet(電気の差し込み口) robot (ロボット)doll(人形) toys (おもちゃ)medicine (薬) clock (時計)

♦︎《Topic words⑥》I ,my,me,mine,he,his,him,she,her,hers,it, its,we,our,us,ours,they,their,them,theirs ※Look at me, him, her, us, them etc.

♦︎動詞:tie (結ぶ)take(取る) give(与える) fold(折る) yawn(あくびする) hit(打つ) laugh(笑う) pack(詰める) bite(噛む) come(来る)ask(訊ねる) build(建てる) paste(貼る) float(浮く) cry(泣く) point(指す) cut(切る) write(書く) play(遊ぶ) dream(夢を見る) brush(磨く) look(見る) show(見せる) sew(縫う) pick(摘む) dig(掘る) lock(鍵をする) shout(叫ぶ) want(欲しい)/ have(持つ) need (必要とする) buy(買う) sell(売る)borrow(借りる) lend(貸す) watch TV(テレビを観る)speak(話す) etc


♪happy halloween

♪knock knock trick or treat

♪hello, my friends

♪good-bye my friends

♪Where is the spider?

♪Go away, Goblin

♪Can you make a happy face?

♫ Look at me  song

♫Uh-huh song

♫Days of the week song

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